8 Naruto Items Every True Fan Definitely Needs To Own

Looking through all the amazing Naruto merchandise available on the web can feel as wondrous as browsing with a pocketful of ryō. Literally anything you can imagine from the Naruto universe has been turned into an object that you can buy off the internet. Even non-shinobi items can be Naruto-themed! It’s truly an exciting time to be alive.

Here’s an essential list of Naruto merchandise, from clothing to kunai. If you’re a true Naruto fan, you’ve definitely got these. And if you don’t, now’s your chance to level-up and make your life all the more Naruto-ific.

1. Wear Forehead Protector / Hitai-ate as a sign of pride and fealty for your village 

Naruto headband

2. Put one of the ten Akatsuki Ring on your finger

akatsuki ring

3. Every true shinobi has to own a Kunai




4. Show your Hidden Leaf Village pride by wearing one of these Konoha Ring

Konoha Ring


5. Wear Naruto Sleeping Hat while you’re catching your zzz.

Naruto Sleeping Hat



6. Akatsuki Short Sleeve Shirt to complete the looks



7. Shuriken Spinner – another must-have for every true shinobi


8. Are you one of the Uchihas? Don’t forget to wear your Uchiha Clan Necklace

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