Which is better: Naruto or Dragon Ball Z?


This is like asking: “Who is better: your Father or your brother?”

Your brother is younger compared to your father. Filled with with newer ideas and concepts compared to your father. However, without your father, where would you or your brother be?

Anyway lets compare them:


1. Protagonist

The protagonists are similar in way, but are also highly different. Both protagonists, like in almost every shonen, are stupid and goofy. But Goku, unlike Naruto, was extremely strong to begin with. He never had any goals or dreams. He never got much character development, apart from the fact that he kept getting stronger.

Naruto, on the other hand, shows great character development, from becoming a weak and a ‘hyperactive knucklehead ninja’ to an extremely strong ninja that everyone loved and respected. Naruto had a big dream, a dream to become the Hokage of his village and gain everyone’s respect.

So in terms of Character development Naruto wins.


2. The Bad Guys

I don’t believe anybody can be born evil. There has to be some reason or a circumstance that may induce an individual to go down the wrong path, but I don’t believe in anyone being pure evil. The villains in Dragon Ball Z are evil because they want to be. There isn’t much depth in any of the villains as they all have the exact same goal – Conquering/Destroying the Universe.

Whereas the villains in Naruto have a lot more depth in them. There is a reason for why they became evil, and, they all have well explained back-story. For example -:

Obito Uchiha, Nagato/Pain And Madara Uchiha respectively.


3. Fight Scenes

The fights in DBZ are just based on whose is more powerful. They are totally unplanned and many times to fast to be visible. Any one can guess what is the next thing going to happen(most of the times a transformation..).

But in Naruto the fights are mostly based on strategies. It is not necessary the stronger will win ( Shikamaru is the perfect example here). The fight sequences include a lot of deceptions and include a variety of attacks like ninjutsu,genjutsu,taijutsu and senjutsu.


4. Music

The thing is that i do not even remember the OST ( original soundtracks ) of DBZ while Naruto music is considered a masterpiece and was always use to give me goosebumps.



5. Deaths

Many of the deaths in DBZ were really emotional but the fact is that they never die(permanently) if they die they will be brought back to life with the helps of Dragon Balls but in Naruto if they die ,they die. (Except Gaara And Kakashi)


If you look at the hard facts, Naruto is better. Well it SHOULD be. Because of the foundation DBZ made, shows like Naruto are expected to blow audiences away.

As Kakashi says,
“The new generation will always take over the previous on”.

DBZ was the best of its generation, the father. And after it ended, what was to succeed had to be greater and much better. So Naruto is naturally better.

This pic sums it all up
PS: Left to Right read for those habituated with manga 🙂


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